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4Tasks Game/Watch/Scratch/Wheel System With Earning App + Admin Panel

4Tasks Game/Watch/Scratch/Wheel App Android Earning app is a type of earning-oriented app where users will play some fun tasks to get rewards and you’ll earn for that. Simple! More users will use; more you’ll earn. Just buy once and earn forever. we can assist and guide you in everything step by step.

app-features gameapp dashboard

4Tasks Game/Watch/Scratch/Wheel App With Earning System + Admin Panel - 84Tasks Game/Watch/Scratch/Wheel App With Earning System + Admin Panel - 9






  • Security

    • Totally secured system (SQL injection, XSS, CSRF)


    • Splash Screen
    • 4Tasks Game/Watch/Scratch/Wheel App
    • AdMob, Facebook, AppLovin, AdColony, StartApp, Unity
    • Random Duration for Ad Clicks
    • Users Will Receive a Bonus and a Friendly Message or Vibration After Completing a Random Duration.
    • ProGuard Library to Reduce APK Size.
    • Earning System(with Push Notification)
    • Privacy Policy Dialog
    • VPN for User Privacy
    • INTRO Slider
    • Image Slider
    • Notification Dialog
    • User Statistics
    • Referral System
    • PHP Admin Panel
    • Profile Page
    • Earnings Page
    • Withdrawals History Page
    • Invite Friends
    • Privacy Policy
    • Terms of Use
    • Exit Dialog
    • Rate App
    • Share App
    • Report a Bug
    • Contact Us
    • & Much More …


    • Flexible control panel system with full options
    • Only admin role can login admin panel
    • Manage Ads
    • Manage App Setting
    • Manage User Details
    • Manage User Track
    • Manage Withdrawals
    • Manage Payment Methods
    • Manage Slidebar
    • Manage Notice
    • Manage Popup Dialog
    • Manage Admins
    • Manage Settings
    • More features will coming up.


  • PHP Version > 7.2.0
  • Apache Server
  • MySQL Database
  • Shared Hosting (or VPS) with cPanel/WHM recommended


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Getting Start

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go to this link before you go on:

Type your admin password:

Password: 12345678

and follow those instructions