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Flix App Movies - TV Series - Live TV Channels - TV Cast Source Code

In the fast-paced world of digital entertainment, having a reliable and feature-packed application is key to accessing your favorite movies, TV series, and live TV channels. That's where Flix App comes into play! This Android-based platform is designed to cater to your entertainment needs, offering a seamless experience with its powerful features and stunning design. Let's delve into the details of this versatile app and discover how it can save you both time and money in creating your personalized entertainment hub.

Features That Redefine Entertainment: Flix App boasts an array of features that elevate your entertainment experience to a whole new level. From a captivating splash screen to intuitive intro pages, the app ensures a user-friendly interface right from the start. The home page slider provides quick access to categories, movies, TV series, and live TV channels, making navigation a breeze.

Key Features Include:

  • Splash Screen for a captivating start
  • Intro Pages for an intuitive introduction
  • Home Page Slider for quick access to content
  • Featured TV Live Channels for the latest and greatest
  • Popular Actors to stay updated on your favorites
  • Top Rated and Popular Movies/TV Series for curated content
  • Latest Content for each genre to keep you in the loop

Customizable Movie and TV Series Pages: The app offers detailed movie and TV series pages with extensive filtering options. You can filter content by genre and order it based on views, title, rating, and year, providing a personalized viewing experience. Additionally, the TV live channels page allows you to filter content by categories and countries, ensuring a diverse selection of channels.

Convenient User Features: Flix App doesn't just stop at content delivery; it enhances user interaction with features such as:

  • Downloaded Movies/Episodes
  • Smart Share System for easy content sharing
  • My List for adding and managing favorite content
  • Rating and commenting on movies, TV series, and TV live channels
  • Casting actors, seasons, episodes, and related videos

Advanced Playback Options: Enjoy a seamless playback experience with Flix App's advanced options, including:

  • Downloading movies and TV series
  • Converting m3u8 to mp4
  • Casting TV live channels on big-screen TVs
  • Controlling TV with the integrated app controller
  • Casting subtitles on big-screen TVs
  • Multi-source video playback (m3u8, mp4, mov, Youtube, mkv, Embed Video, WebM)
  • Subtitle support (VTT/SRT)
  • Portrait and landscape video playback
  • Customizable subtitle settings

User-Friendly Sign-In Options: Flix App understands the importance of user convenience, offering multiple sign-in/sign-up options:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Phone number

Efficient Admin Panel: The app's robust admin panel ensures smooth management of content, users, and notifications. Key admin panel features include:

  • IMDb API integration for fetching movie details, images, genres, episodes, and TV series
  • Slide and content management
  • Source, subtitle, actor, genre, and country management
  • Notifications, comments, ratings, and support messages management
  • AdMob and Facebook Ads management
  • User administration


To enjoy the full benefits of Flix App, make sure your hosting/server meets the following requirements:

  • PHP Version 5.6/5.8/7.0/7.1
  • Apache server
  • MySQL Database
  • Hosting/Server with cPanel/WHM recommended

Update 4.1 Highlights (Posted 15 Nov 2022):

  • Resolved app crash issue when opening the player

Conclusion: With Flix App, you're not just getting an entertainment platform; you're unlocking a world of possibilities. From powerful features to a responsive admin panel, this app is designed to cater to your every entertainment need. Don't miss out on the ultimate entertainment experience – make Flix App your go-to source for movies, TV series, and live TV channels. Download it now and embark on a journey of unparalleled entertainment!